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Applies to staff responsible for the administration of offender sentences and long-term supervision orders. Audit : full verification and review of all sentence management information, cross-referenced with legislation, policies, guidelines and manuals. Confirmation and verification of all information regarding offender sentence structure, release eligibilities and long-term supervision residency start and end dates contained in the hard copy file and the Offender Management System OMS to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Authorize release : the act of giving official permission or approval to free an offender from confinement. Dual status : offenders who are subject to a current federal sentence AND who are also subject to a finding of not criminally responsible pursuant to section Section 2 of the Regulations sets out in detail what information may be included in the Ontario Sex Offender Registry. This includes not only the information provided by the offender, but additional information obtained from the provincial and federal governments.

Together this information forms the "cumulative and permanent record" of the Registry. The list of additional information provided for in Section 2 is lengthy. It includes, but is not limited to, particulars about an offender's convictions and sentences, the circumstances of the sex offences, fingerprint registration, and details about an offender's registration under the federal Sex Offender Information Registration Act SOIRA. The central difference between the provincial and federal legislation is that the provincial legislation does not contain an exemption or termination process.

It appears, however, that an offender who has received a pardon or Criminal Record Suspension may apply to be deleted from the Ontario Sex Offender Registry.

Youth court statistics in Canada, 2013/2014

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Legislation pertaining to victims of crime

Disclaimer Site Map. The National Sex Offender Registry includes the following information regarding the offender: the person's name the person's date of birth the person's current address a current photograph of the person any identifying marks such as tattoos or scars the person's modus operandi the offences of a sexual nature that the offender committed. The additional designated offences are listed in Section Every person against whom a SOIRA order is made must do the following: report in person within 7 days after release from custody, or after the SOIRA order is made, or after being granted a conditional discharge or an absolute discharge by the Ontario Review Board if the person was found not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder, as the case may be, to the police service in the jurisdiction where the person resides at the place and during the times determined by the police service report annually between the 11th and 12th month after the person's last reporting date notify the National Sex Offender Registry by registered mail or by another means authorized by the respective province or territory after a change of address, after a change of name, and before the person's departure from the person's residence if the person will be absent for 7 consecutive days or more Section Ontario Sex Offender Registry Persons charged with sexual offences should be aware that there is also provincial legislation that creates an Ontario Sex Offender Registry and requires anyone convicted of a designated sex offence or found not criminally responsible for such an offence on account of mental disorder to register with the police as a designated sex offender for a period of 10 years or for life, depending on the nature and number of convictions involved.

source url Section 3 of the legislation sets out that an offender is required to report to the police in person and is required to do so within 15 days of: being released from custody after serving the custodial portion of a sentence in respect of a designated sex offence; being convicted of a designated sex offence, if the offender is not given a custodial sentence; receiving an absolute or conditional discharge in respect of a designated sex offence if found not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder; changing his or her address; and becoming, or ceasing to be, a resident of Ontario.

In addition, offenders are required to report annually. It includes convictions for the following offences: sexual assault sexual assault with a weapon aggravated sexual assault sexual interference invitation to sexual touching sexual exploitation incest bestiality; parent or guardian procuring sexual activity exposure of genitals to a person under the age of 16 years luring a child by means of a computer system living off the avails of prostitution of a person under the age of 18 purchasing sexual services of a person under the age of 18 making, distributing, possessing, or accessing child pornography In addition, it includes offences that were the predecessors of some of the foregoing offences, such as rape, indecent assault, gross indecency, and sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 14 or between the ages of 14 and Bold labels are required.

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