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Converting Your Records to MP3 or CD

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ION Audio Iprofile LP to iPod DJ Conversion Turntable

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ION Audio LP Dock: Vinyl to iPod Tutorial

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  • iPod Turntable Converts Your Vinyl To MP3 Without A Mac.
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All Gaming Gadgets. All Licensed Merchandise. All Pop! Licensed Advent Calendars. VinylStudio keeps your recordings organised in a collection by album artist and title and keeps track of any work that you have done so far, so it is easy to pick up where you left off. You can also come back to a recording later to, for example, declick it. How do I create CD's, once I have recorded my music onto my computer? In VinylStudio, it's actually very simple. Burning CD's is an integral part of the program. VinylStudio produces standard audio files which will play virtually anywhere. How do I copy tracks to my MP3 player or iPod?


ION Audio iProfile - USB Turntable with Direct-to-iPod Transfer

VinyStudio offers a simple drag-and-drop interface to copy files across to your MP3 player. To copy files to an iPod, use iTunes. Will my home-brew CD's play in my car's CD player? They should do, although many in-car players will only play audio as opposed to MP3 CD's. A few players seems not to be able to play CD's burned on a computer at all, but this is rare. Using 74 minute media, if you can get it, might help. Can VinylStudio insert trackbreaks automatically? VinylStudio has two ways of doing this. The preferred way, if it works for you, is to look up a track listing on the Internet.

This feature is built into VinylStudio and, if you can locate your album, will pick up all the trak names for you and, in some cases, put the trackbreaks in roughly the right place. VinylStudio can also scan for gaps between tracks, but the effectiveness of this feature depends on the type of music being recorded. Does VinylStudio tag saved tracks? Yes it does. It puts in album title and artist, track title and artist, genre, release year and a selection of other, more specialised, tags. Can VinylStudio locate album art and embed it in my saved tracks?

Yes it can. You can either try retrieving album art directly from the various databases that VinylStudio supports or you can often find album covers via Google images. If all else fails, you can take your own snapshots and import them into VinylStudio. Can I edit my recordings outside VinylStudio? Yes, although we hope that it is not something you need to do often.

VinylStudio has file import and export facilites and the recordings it creates are in standard formats.