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If a search runs through the UI online recruitment system, the criminal background check is initiated during the hiring proposal process. For hires outside the online recruitment system, the hiring unit must submit a Department Request for Criminal Background Check via the on-line request for background check. The candidate will receive an email to initiate the background check. The candidate must submit the required personal information at a secure website and electronically sign the Disclosure and Authorization forms.

The third party consumer reporting agency will provide the background check results to HR. HR will notify the hiring authority of the results of the background check. Costs associated with criminal background checks will be charged to the hiring unit. Contingent Offer of Employment. Prior Criminal Background Check Qualifies.

If a candidate is being rehired or reappointed into the same position, has previously met the background check requirement for that position, and the break in service is less than one year, the background check requirement may be waived at the discretion of the senior HR executive, or designee.

This procedure does not apply to employees or volunteers at day care centers who have direct contact with children.

Background Screening Regulations

These individuals are subject to the criminal history check procedures set forth in I. Students and volunteers of CALS may be subject to additional screening requirements pursuant to those procedures. J-1 Scholars and Exceptions. J-1 scholars are visiting temporary workers here by invitation to perform specialized work. The Department of Homeland Security performs background checks on all J-1 scholars. Therefore, these temporary workers are exempt from the requirements of this procedure. Senior HR executive, or designee, may provide exemptions for other employees in similar situations.

If the senior HR executive, or designee, has reasonable grounds to believe that an employee or volunteer represents an immediate threat to the safety and security of the UI community, HR may conduct a criminal background check through the Idaho State Police or other appropriate agency. The written authorization of the employee to conduct this check will be obtained in most cases. However, in certain circumstances, it may not be possible or feasible to obtain written authorization.

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In those cases, a limited background check may be performed through the Idaho State Police or other appropriate agency. Applicants New to UI: If the criminal background check identifies convictions, with the exception of D-1 below, determinations of fitness for employment will be made by Human Resources in consultation with appropriate hiring authority when applicable based on the nature and details of the conviction, date of the conviction, how the crime relates to the job in question, evidence of rehabilitation, and other relevant factors.

Current Employees: When a current employee with convictions is considered for changes in position, transfers, or promotions, the senior HR executive or designee, in consultation with the appropriate hiring authority, will determine whether to exclude the candidate. If, pursuant to this procedure, a criminal background check is conducted on a current employee and an event is uncovered that was not previously considered, UI may initiate personnel action against the employee.

In these cases, the senior HR executive, or designee, in consultation with the Risk Management Officer and other applicable personnel, will determine what action, if any, should be taken. The senior HR executive or designee may ask the employee for a written explanation of the offense s. Disqualifying Employment Convictions. If a criminal history report indicates pending criminal charges that, if a conviction resulted, would result in exclusion from employment, the candidate will be excluded from employment until final disposition of the charges.

Consumer Reporting Agency. Procedures when the report has been provided by a consumer reporting agency e. The UI has no obligation to hold a position open to allow a candidate or employee to correct his or her report.

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Government Reporting Agency. Procedures when the report has been provided by a governmental agency e. Record Keeping. Criminal history information collected under this procedure shall be kept electronically with the third party vendor or in accordance with record retention requirements see APM Chapter The information will be used solely for the purpose of maintaining the safety and security of the UI community and will be disclosed only as permitted or required by law.

Faculty Staff Handbook. Emergency Policies. Privacy Statement.

Sample Background Screening Report

Policy Creation and Change Policy Manual. Writing Guide PDF. Cover Sheet Word. Policy Deadlines Track a Policy. After explaining the intent of performing a background check, volunteer managers must receive consent either on paper or online from a volunteer candidate to run a background check and that the results will be used in the decision making process. It is important to be informed about the process and what information you need to provide for your volunteer background check. Remember to read the consent form carefully before you sign it. Providing correct information will help to speed up the background check process.

Some of the items that you may be asked for to complete a background check include:. Sterling Volunteers has a simple, streamlined process for completing a background check. Once a volunteer manager thinks that a volunteer candidate could potentially work well within their organization, they will send an email with directions to send you to an online volunteer screening process website.

The background check is a simple hassle-free, four-step process where you would provide the information listed above.

How to Do Employee Background Checks

What happens when a volunteer candidate is disqualified for a position based on what is found in their background check? If you are hired, the employer must keep the information in a master file or personnel file for the same amount of time. Background screening can be complicated but understanding what information you need to be prepared for the background check will help the turnaround time and put you a step ahead of other candidates.

Have you been directed to complete a background check for a specific nonprofit? If so, please follow the direct link on their website or in the email invitation you may have received. Or click here to link to your organization with a Good Deed Code. Looking to get your own volunteer background check? Please continue. Background Screening Regulations The background screening industry is highly regulated by federal, state and local laws.

Background Check Procedures Sterling Volunteers has a simple, streamlined process for completing a background check.