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You will also be responsible for paying a BMV reinstatement fee when your suspension ends. If you are facing your second or more driving with a suspended license conviction within the past three years, you will be charged with a first degree misdemeanor.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, if this is your first driving with a suspended license offense, you may be subject to having your vehicle immobilized for 30 days and your license plates impounded for 30 days. If you are facing your second conviction of driving with a suspended license, your vehicle will be immobilized for 60 days and your license plates will be impounded for 60 days. A third driving with a suspended license conviction will result in your vehicle being possessed by law enforcement.

Driving Under the Influence – DUI OVI Accusations

Every case is different based on the severity of the facts and circumstances involved. If you are facing driving with a suspended license charges, it is imperative that you immediately contact the Cincinnati Criminal Defense Attorneys. A driving with a suspended license charge can be a frightening and overwhelming experience, and you do not have to go through it alone.

Ohio OVI / DUI Penalties

Although every case is different, it is crucial that you obtain an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate attorney as soon as possible who will fight vigorously for your legal rights and best interest. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better your options will be regarding your sentence. The Cincinnati Criminal Defense team has successfully defended hundreds of individuals charged with driving with a suspended license.

Their knowledge, experience and compassion for your case will help you receive the justice you deserve. Criminal charges can be an overwhelming and frightening experience. You are probably worried about your freedoms and privileges being at stake and have a lot of questions.

Ohio DUI OVI Attorney

You can rest assured, because Cincinnati traffic lawyer Brad Groene is here for you. Get the justice that you deserve. Commuting to work or school, running errands, and simply enjoying life seem to require a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, that kind of gamble can lead to serious consequences, such as a longer suspension and even misdemeanor charges. To protect your rights and minimize the risk, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. For more than 30 years, Luckett Law Office has helped Ohioans with traffic offenses as well as felony and misdemeanor charges.

Columbus Attorney Assists Motorists Cited for Driving Under Suspension

Any driver in Ohio who accumulates 12 or more penalty points in a two-year period faces an automatic license suspension. You could also have your license suspended if you missed a court appearance or neglected to pay a fine. In other instances, the suspension is immediately obvious. For example, if you are convicted of a first-offense DWI, or OVI, the judge will suspend your license for six months to three years. Driving under suspension is a first-degree misdemeanor in Ohio.

The court also extends the period of your suspension. If this is a repeat offense, you can expect the maximum penalty for a first-degree misdemeanor as well as additional fines and community service. There are also consequences for your car, which the court can order immobilized and stripped of your license plates for 60 days. This is especially troubling if you share your car with a spouse or your family.

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