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A person may be required to undergo a criminal record check for a variety of reasons, including employment screening, volunteer work, preparing for a court appearance, visa applications, firearms licencing, or to satisfy a statutory requirement. Individuals can obtain a national criminal history through two ways:. The Working With Children Check , which is used to screen workers and volunteers in child-related work, is a specific check for those whose criminal records are deemed to pose a high risk to children.

In Austria , criminal records and "Strafregisterbescheinigung" criminal record certificate are maintained by the Register Division "Strafregisteramt" of Federal Police Bureau Vienna "Bundespolizeidirektion Wien". Requests for a criminal record certificate can be taken to Police stations and will be processed and provided to the applicant immediately, or a person can request for a hard-copy to be posted to an address within Austria. An application at the request of a future employer will be issued a restricted disclosure, which only contains unexpunged convictions and may not include less serious convictions.

An unrestricted disclosure certificate is exclusively for specific state agencies for example, firearms licensing bodies, military and law enforcement agencies , and, even then, is only issued in specific circumstances. This type of criminal record certificate contains details of all convictions.

Convictions are removed from the Criminal Register upon expiry of the penalty, which generally occurs when the penalty ends, but can extend to up fifteen years after the penalty has been completed.

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The only exception is life sentences which are not removed from the Criminal Register. In Belgium , there is a national central criminal record system which records, keeps and modifies data related to penal decisions.

The criminal record system is maintained by the Federal Public Service Justice. There is no record of dismissed cases or verdicts of not guilty. In terms of public access to criminal records, the following persons and judicial and administrative bodies may be able to gain access to records through the Federal Public Service Justice. Two kinds of erasure exist in the Belgian system: The real erasure is the disappearance of the conviction, and applies only to police sentences small fines and 8 days of imprisonment or less.

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For all other sentences, a system of "no mention" applies, whereby the conviction remains recorded in the central system but is no longer available for access by several categories of people. There are two types of criminal records disclosed in Bulgaria; Conviction Status Certificate, and the Verification of Conviction Status. The Conviction Status Certificate contains personal information about the concerned individual full name, personal identification number , date and place of birth, nationality, names of parents , details of all the convictions and the purpose of the Certificate.

This Certificate is valid for 6 months from the date it was issued, and can only be applied for by the concerned individual, relative of individual, legal heir of the concerned individual, or a power of attorney. The Verification of Conviction Status contains personal information about the concerned individual full name, personal identification number, date and place of birth, nationality, names of parents , details of all convictions, including whether rehabilitation was required, and information about all imposed administrative sanctions.

There is no term of validity for this status; however, it can only be issued for an official purpose by governmental or law enforcement authorities. These records can be accessed through application to the Central Office of Criminal Records. The Bulgarian Penal Code allows the removal of conviction data for individuals, known as the 'rehabilitation of individuals'. This can be awarded by a court of law given that the individual has demonstrated good conduct, and has compensated any damages.

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  7. A second type of rehabilitation is known as rehabilitation de jure which enacts new legislation. This can occur if the individually has been sentenced conditionally, the individual has been sentenced to up to three years' imprisonment and has not committed any other crimes punishable by imprisonment, the individual was sentenced to a fine, public reprimand or deprivation of civil rights, and they have not committed another crime the year following.

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    Additionally, judgments are removed from a criminal record after the sentence has been served and the following time has elapsed:. There are two types of criminal record checks: standard and vulnerable sector. Vulnerable sector is defined under the Criminal Records Act as minor less than 18 years of age and. There are 4 levels of standard criminal record checks—levels 1 to 4. Level 1 is the most basic check and level 4 being the most extensive. Criminal record checks can only be done with the consent of the individual.

    Some provinces may require high-risk professions to be screened to ensure public safety. For example, the BC Ministry of Justice requires all healthcare professionals, practicum students in healthcare, childcare facilities staff and volunteers, school and hospital staff regardless of position to undergo a CRC via the Criminal Records Review Program. Criminal offences can be pardoned either by the Governor General of Canada , Parole Board of Canada or through an Order in Council by the federal government, as determined by the crime involved under the Criminal Records Act.

    Pardon has been renamed as record suspension under Bill C , otherwise known as the omnibus crime bill or by its formal name Safe Streets and Communities Act , introduced by the Conservative government in As a result, pardons are currently being granted to residents of BC and Ontario who were convicted prior to In Chile , citizens can request their own criminal records at the Civil Registrations office or the Registro Civil.

    A person must be complaint of the requisites provided by the law No. Under Article 86, criminal record data may be given only to courts and state attorney's offices when a criminal case is brought against the person. Governmental bodies can access this data upon a reasonable request and must be related to specific tasks in public service to be entrusted to the person for whom such information is requested. The police can also gain access with the intention of discovering the perpetrator of a criminal act. Other members of the general public do not have the right to demand that citizens submit records concerning their convictions.

    A citizen retains the right to access data from their own criminal record, only under the condition that the purpose is to exercise his rights in another state. Certificates of criminal records are issued from the Department for Criminal Records. Applications can be made in person at the Central Police Station in Nicosia. Criminal records in Cyprus are maintained for life.


    Cyprus introduced legislation in allowing for the creation of a sex offenders register. The legislation also provides for inclusion of a greater European Union sex offender registry. The Czech Republic took part in the Network of Judicial Registers pilot project, with 10 other countries, exchanging information on criminal records electronically. Criminal record information is maintained at the Criminal Records Office in Prague—which is state-funded and can be found at the offices of the Ministry of Justice.

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    Individuals can request An Excerpt from the Penal Register [30] for personal access only. Applications can be made from Czech Republic embassies, and also by prospective employers for people who have been a resident or citizen of the Czech Republic. Criminal convictions remain on record for an indefinite period. The Danish criminal record certificate is titled "Privat Straffeattest" and is the responsibility of the National Police Authority the Rigspolitiet.

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    The Danish Data Protection Agency governs the legislation in relation to criminal records and provides certain restrictions. Criminal convictions on the certificate include all violations of the Denmark Criminal Code. There are varying time frames for which convictions remain on an individual's criminal record. For example, fines remain on the record for 2 years from the date of payment, unconditional convictions for 5 years from date of release from prison, and suspended sentences for 3 years from the conviction date.

    Any older convictions will be struck from the record. In order to obtain a criminal record check in Denmark an individual or third party with written consent can apply in person at a local police station or by way of email to the National Police Authority. Available languages for the certificate include English, German, Danish, French and Spanish where there are no convictions.

    When there are convictions, the only available language for the certificate is Danish.

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    The certificate is issue free of charge and the turnaround ranges from immediate access to 2 days. In Denmark, child sex abuse information is contained in two registers, the National Patient Register and the Criminal Register. The National Patient Register contains all hospital contacts including inpatient, outpatient and emergency department contacts.

    The Danish National Criminal Register of child sex abuse contains data relating to cases reported to the Danish police. Any sexual relationship with an individual below the age of 15 is prohibited by law as the Danish age of sexual consent is Cases involving child sexual abuse are classified into three different categories according to the type of the offence involved.

    These groups include incest, sexual offences physical or attempted physical sexual assault and indecent exposure.

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    The database that holds data about the criminal records of Estonian individuals is known as The Punishment Register, available for access through the Internet. Those records that are valid are made completely public. Some misdemeanour cases with the main punishment being less than Euros, and cases involving minors are not published by The Punishment Register. Since the beginning of , the data providing for the criminal records of Estonian citizens is available online.