Cross-Border Banking

The introduction of euro banknotes and coins in January made it easy to pay with cash anywhere in the euro area as there was no longer the need to exchange currency. However, this was not automatically replicated in the area of cashless payments. The tools available to make cashless payments still varied greatly across countries, making cross-border euro payments cumbersome, slow and costly.

The Single Euro Payments Area SEPA helped to harmonise the way cashless euro payments across Europe are made by removing the technical, legal and market barriers between European countries.

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This provided a solid basis for further innovation and development. As part of the SEPA project, the time it takes to process electronic cross-border payments has been reduced from three or more business days to just one. That is why one of our current top priorities is encouraging the development and use of instant payment solutions in the European market. All figures for download. Innovation can drive the process of establishing a single, efficient market for payment services in Europe, but it can also slow it down if it results in different services being on offer in different countries. As part of its mandate, the Eurosystem — made up of the ECB and the national central banks of the euro area — is responsible for promoting the smooth operation of payment systems. We closely monitor innovation and, in our role as a catalyst , help and encourage the payment services industry to develop safe and efficient payment solutions for the euro area.

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