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Once the address has been entered into the addressing database, the address will not appear on the permitting system until the next day. If you need to have your address changed you will need to complete and submit a 'Change of Address Request' form. You can obtain a copy of this form, you can contact the Addressing Section and request that an application be mailed to you. Once the form is completed, signed and notarized please mail to the Addressing office at:.

The Planning and Development Department will only change an address when it is deemed necessary in order to ensure that a property can be found quickly in an emergency. A request for a change of address will be reviewed to determine if the change is necessary and consistent with the City of Jacksonville Addressing and Street Naming Policy. Return to FAQ. New streets will be named during the subdivision process. The developer shall propose the naming of all streets within a new subdivision at the time of filing the preliminary engineering.

The City of Jacksonville Planning and Development Department will review proposed street names for conformance with the street naming policy. If the street name is identified as appropriate it will be reserved for use within the subdivision for which it was requested. Once the street names have been reserved, the developer will need to provide a site plan that shows the geometry of the streets with the approved street names labeled on the plan in order to receive final approval on the street name.

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If the development project is a phased project, the developer will need to provide a site plan for the current phase as well as an overall site plan of the entire subdivision that shows what the ultimate street configuration will be. Due to the expense incurred by the City as a result of a street renaming, the Planning and Development Department recommends that street name changes be limited to correcting deficiencies in existing street names.

Such deficiencies would include but not limited to duplicate street names, to correct an error in the street name, to eliminate confusion created by multiple street name changes along a single roadway, or to make any other changes that would promote the implementation of Chapter - Addressing and street naming regulations. A request for a street name change on a public roadway may be initiated by the City, or by application filed with the Planning and Development Department. Any request to change a street name on a public roadway requires approval by the Jacksonville City Council.

A request for a street name change on a private road may be initiated by an application filed with the Planning and Development Department. In lieu of a street name change the Jacksonville City Council may consider any application submitted for a street name change as an application for designation of an honorary street name.

The designation would come by way of City Council Ordinance and would cause an appropriate memorial marker to be placed along a street or segment thereof, in order to honor a deceased person. Honorary markers may be established for a person that:. The purpose of the Committee is to identify and correct addressing and street naming deficiencies within the City of Jacksonville in order to assist and promote efficiency in emergency response system, to review and revise the City's street naming and addressing policies, and to support a community outreach program to educate citizens concerning their address and how it relates to Emergency Services.

In order to obtain phone service it may be necessary to verify that your address is a valid E address. Please see the list below of items that will require your attention.

Change your address on your driver's license and vehicle registration. Due to new Federal and State requirements for the renewal and replacement of driver's licenses you will need to show proof of: 1 identification, 2 Social Security number and 3 residential address two items. In addition to contacting the USPS we also notify the following departments and agencies on your behalf.

If you have any questions concerning and address change, please contact the City of Jacksonville Address ing Section at or by e-mail at address coj. For additional information regarding property addressing please call or email:.

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Group email: address coj. Ellen Fales City Planner Supervisor email: ellenf coj. City of Jacksonville , Florida.

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