Based on data. Crime rates in Shenandoah by year Type Murders per , 0 0.

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Click on a table row to update graph. Full-time law enforcement employees in , including police officers: 4 4 officers. Officers per 1, residents here: 0. Recent articles from our blog. Our writers, many of them Ph.

Shenandoah, PA 17976

Protective measures implemented by online harassment victims Nov 1 Commercial and tribal casinos Oct 25 The size of the green building market Oct 18 Are Teslas the safest cars on the road? Oct 11 The participants in outdoor and indoor soccer Oct 4. Recent posts about Shenandoah, Pennsylvania on our local forum with over 2,, registered users. Shenandoah is mentioned times on our forum:.

The house on West Center Street just outside Shenandoah caught fire around Four people lived there. Allentown diocese priest suspended pending probe of sex abuse allegation. George parish in Shenandoah , Schuylkill County, where he was pastor from to He was ordained in March With less to lose will retiring Republicans desert Trump. Romano, a political science professor at Virginia's Shenandoah University who's studied lame-duck lawmakers. This borough: 9. Shenandoah Heights, PA 0. Gilberton borough, PA 1.

New Boston-Morea, PA 1. Altamont, PA 1. Frackville borough, PA 1. Ringtown borough, PA 1. Englewood, PA 1.

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Mahanoy City borough, PA 1. Here: 4. Health care Construction Other production occupations, including supervisors Laborers and material movers, hand Air pollution and air quality trends lower is better. City: City: 0. City: 5. Average household size: This borough: 2. Percentage of family households: This borough: Percentage of households with unmarried partners: This borough: 8.

Education Gini index Inequality in education Here: 9. Number of grocery stores : 32 Schuylkill County : 2.


Pennsylvania : 2. Number of supercenters and club stores : 1 This county : 0. Pennsylvania : 0. Number of convenience stores no gas : 14 Schuylkill County : 0.

Deputy U.S. Marshal's Call Corrects Bad Sex Offender Addresses

State : 0. Number of convenience stores with gas : 48 Here : 3. State : 2. Number of full-service restaurants : Schuylkill County : 7. Pennsylvania : 7. Adult diabetes rate : This county : Adult obesity rate : Schuylkill County : Low-income preschool obesity rate : Schuylkill County : 9. Healthy diet rate : This city: Average overall health of teeth and gums : Here: Average BMI : This city: People feeling badly about themselves : This city: Muniz was convicted of indecent assault in for touching the breasts of his girlfriend's year-old daughter. At the time he would have been required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

But Muniz failed to appear at his sentencing hearing and was not apprehended until , at which point state law had been changed to require lifetime registration for people convicted of indecent assault when the victim is younger than The registration requirement was in many ways more onerous than Muniz's official sentence of two to 14 months.

In fact, Dougherty observes, it is often the case that registration, which puts detailed information about an offender in an online, publicly accessible database , imposes a bigger burden than the explicit penalty attached to a crime. In addition to the reporting requirements, he says, there are "extraordinary secondary disabilities" in traveling out of state which requires in-person notice at least three weeks in advance and "in finding and keeping housing, employment, and schooling," not to mention the risk that "the offender may be subject to violence and adverse social and psychological impacts.

SORNA assigns offenders to one of three tiers based on their crime of conviction, as opposed to an individualized assessment of the danger they pose. Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III offenses trigger, respectively, 15 years of registration with annual reporting, 25 years of registration with semi-annual reporting, and lifetime registration with quarterly reporting. The "sex offenders" covered by SORNA not only vary widely in the gravity of their crimes and the threat they pose to public safety; they are not even necessarily sex offenders.

The court notes that SORNA covers "offenses that do not specifically relate to a sexual act," such as unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, and interference with the custody of a child.


In viewing SORNA's burdens as criminal penalties notwithstanding the state legislature's description of the law as "nonpunitive," the court applied the criteria outlined by the U. Supreme Court in the case Kennedy v. This ruling, which could affect thousands of offenders who, like Muniz, were retroactively subjected to tougher rules, is in some ways more striking than the decision in which the U. In addition to in-person reporting requirements, the Michigan law imposes restrictions on where registrants may live, work, or "loiter.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which in rejected lifetime registration of juvenile sex offenders, even cast doubt on the continuing validity of the U. Supreme Court's judgment that public registration itself is not a punishment.

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  • Ciaramella Christian Britschgi Zuri Davis Scott Shackford Property Rights. A state law allows counties to effectively steal homes over unpaid taxes and keep the excess revenue for their own budgets. Eric Boehm Police Abuse.