I don't have one complaint with this device and nothing but praise for the job LG has done designing a phone that does everything you could want and doing it well.


This phone is great better speakers than my iPad or my galaxy the display is vivid almost makes you believe you're there would highly recommend if your looking for a phone that's not a galaxy or the dreaded iphone. I bought this Back In November. So far best replacement for the NOTE 7. Great capabilities. Lots of Memory. LG Has done well sending out Updates for unlocked version. Lots of neat feature with Nougat. Such an amazing phone that is packed with great features! Something that was such a normal thing back in the day, but rare now.

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How Meghan Markle swapped her usual low key make-up look for stunning 'Hollywood Pill testing in and sniffer dogs out: Coroner recommends sweeping changes to how drugs are treated at Journalist discovers she has a huge cyst that needs urgent surgery after a viewer spotted a lump on her neck As Gordon tries to draw a line between work and home, he gets a phone call from Harvey Bullock telling him to go to the Gotham City Aviary.

When Gordon arrives, Bullock informs Jim that the aviary cages are all automated from the control room and there is some troubling video footage from the security cameras that Jim needs to see. Gordon sees the image of a man who resembles his son James Jr. This troubling assumption begins to trouble Gordon and soon he becomes haunted by the visions of past unsolved case files that involved murdered children.

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Fifteen years ago, Gordon was moving up the ranks within the precinct when he started investigating a string of eight murders that involved the Peter Pan Killer who would sneak into family homes and abduct children from their beds then murder them. Now after 15 years, Gordon heads to Blackgate to interrogate the Peter Pan Killer before he was released from prison.

The killer reveals that he was going to kill Gordon Jr.

Oracle has always been under the assumption that James Jr. After his conversation with the Peter Pan Killer, Gordon threatens the killer that he will be followed at all times in order to prevent another murder.


Later on that same day, Gordon invites Oracle for some coffee at Bay Diner and talks to her about his findings. Jim tells Barbara that her brother, James Jr. Barbara asks her father if he really thinks it's him coming back, and Jim replies yes. As they continue their talk, Barbara reminds her father that Jim Jr. Jim tells her that it's going to be all right and that they've got police officers looking out for him. Oracle still sticks by her story and she leaves her father with lingering doubts but then James Jr. James Jr. James tells the commissioner that his mother Barbara Sr.

However, the doctors prescribed an experimental medicine to help James in stabilizing his emotional imbalance. James also overheard Oracle's convictions about him and he swears to his father that he has never killed anybody. Gordon still doesn't know what to think about his son until James informs him about his volunteer work at Dr.

Thompkins' clinic. For a while, Gordon feels this extreme sense of relief that his son is misunderstood but he is changing for the better. When Gordon reaches his apartment, he finds a trail of blood. Gordon follows the trail to James Jr. The trail ends in James' closet.

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Gordon opens the door and finds the body of a schoolyard bully that James Jr. It seems everyone was right about James Jr. Gordon immediately goes to the clinic and finds Dr. Gordon confronts Leslie by demanding to know where his son is. Leslie informs Gordon that his son is a model volunteer because anything she asks him to do, he "happily" does.

Over time, Leslie has given James Jr.

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Gordon doesn't want to panic Leslie by telling her what he had found at his apartment so he humbly asks her to call him the moment James comes in for his shift. Leslie agrees to Gordon's request and she tries to calm his worries by showing him James' office. Leslie flips on the lights in James' office and gives Gordon a tour. As Leslie professes how great James is, Gordon on the other hand, can't believe that Leslie would be so naive to willingly put her full trust in someone like James.

Gordon peers around the office and finds a vile of James' medicine. The medicine is called Diaxemene which is designed to release a chemical in the brain so the patient can feel empathy. Gordon takes a pill from the vile, thanks Leslie for the tour and makes his way to Barbara's place at Kord Tower. Gordon gives Barbara the pill that he took from James' office and asks her to run a couple of tests. Barbara knew something was going on with James but she didn't want to rub in her father's face because she could see that Gordon still wanted to hold onto any hope of saving his son.

Barbara figures the medicine is supposed to help James in treating or possibly curing his psychotic tendencies but Diaxemene is still in the testing phases and hasn't been approved by the FDA. Gordon is hoping he can convince James to undergo some blood work in order to make sure that he has been taking his pills. Gordon leaves Barbara to her work while he heads back to the clinic.


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Barbara breaks down the pill's components and she makes a startling discovery. James has reversed the effect of the pill and now the pill is designed to chemically induce apathy rather than empathy in a certain section of the brain. However, the dosage of James' pill is of such low grade that it wouldn't affect an adult. Barbara relays all of her findings to Gordon's cell phone. Gordon can't understand why James would concoct a pill with such a low dosage then it hits him.

Leslie made James responsible for the "nutrition runs" at her clinic. James has been putting his pills in the baby formula and giving it to all the newborns thereby ensuring their development into becoming psychopaths.

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Just as Gordon reached the clinic, he is stopped by Det. Bullock who has some really bad news.